Privacy Policy

This describes how cyberSW and its partners treat personally identifiable information. We value the privacy of our users. cyberSW requests that all visitors that are under the age of 18 do not disclose or provide any personal information on this web site. We do not knowingly collect personal information from users under the age of 18. We will delete this information if we determine a user is under the age of 18.


cyberSW collects the minimal information to provide better service.

The information we may collect includes:

  1. Personal Identifiable Information: Information provided during the registration process or in the User Panel, such as a user's name, email address, or phone number.
  2. Correspondence: Emails and elevated access permission requests sent to cyberSW administrative staff.
  3. Saved Analyses: When you run an analysis on our site, the results are saved so that you may access them. Most analyses provide a way to download the results to your own device and you may delete an analysis at any time.
  4. Anonymized Analytical Information: cyberSW tracks how users interact with our website. Log data tracks pages visited, searches performed, and analysis tools used. If a user encounters an error, further anonymized data may be created for the purposes of debugging.
  5. Cookies and other Browser Storage: cyberSW uses the bare minimum of browser cookies for application authentication and tracking searches and analyses that the user has explicitly asked to be saved.
  6. Google Analytics: In addition to our own analytical tools, we also use Google Analytics to help us better understand how people are using and accessing cyberSW. This data, by necessity, is shared with Google but, like all analytical data we collect, is anonymized. This data is not used for nor connected to any commercial or advertising services and is purely for our own use. If you do not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics, we respect your browser's built in "Do Not Track" feature.


Information collected by cyberSW is used to improve the user experience and for identification purposes when a user requests elevated access permission.


cyberSW provides users with the means to manage identifiable information from their profile. Users can, to an extent, control what personal information cyberSW has access to, such as profession, organization, or phone number. Other information, such as the user's name and email address are required to use the site. We will neither sell users’ contact information nor disclose it to third parties unless legally obligated to do so.


If you wish to have your personally identifiable information removed from cyberSW, you may remove or change non-essential information in your user panel. If you wish to have all personal information removed, please contact us at the link at the bottom of the page. Please note, this will result in your account being deleted.